As part of the recently updated training for Mandated Reporters in Minnesota, a module for Youth Program staff is now available. This no-cost, self-paced 15-minute training is designed for employees or supervisors of private or public youth recreation programs identified by law who must make a report if they have reason to believe that maltreatment of a child has occurred.

The training features quizzes, interactive content, and a certificate of completion at the end. It differs from the general Mandated Reporter Training in that it has a tighter focus on youth program staff. It also features a mini-game to critically engage learners in a fun way.

By the end of this training, learners will be able to 1) classify the duty of a mandated reporter in a youth program, 2) identify that abuse is the type of maltreatment youth program staff must report, and 3) identify what information needs to be included in a report.

Mandated Reporter Training for Youth Programs is available on the Minnesota Child Welfare Training Academy (MNCWTA) website. The development of this training is a collaborative effort between the MNCWTA and the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS).

DHS has a number of Mandated Reporter Resources, as well as specific information for anyone who has concerns about child abuse or neglect. To learn more about the initial launch of the new Mandated Reporter Training, visit here.

If you have questions about Mandated Reporter Training or the new Youth Programs option, contact MNCWTA anytime.