Check out these opportunities to work for the Minnesota Child Welfare Training Academy!

Administrative/Operations Professional

The Administrative/Operations Professional (Administrative Associate 1, 8208A1) is a 100% FTE University of Minnesota employee positioned in the Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare (CASCW) at the School of Social Work. CASCW has joined the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) in a joint project to co-create and operate the Minnesota Child Welfare Training Academy (MNCWTA). This position is responsible for the planning and implementation of the Academy’s purchasing and contracting work that is held within the University. This position has the delegated authority to make managerial, operational, and financial decisions, in coordination with the CASCW Administrator. The Administrative/Operations Professional will provide support in the establishment and ongoing operations of the new Minnesota Child Welfare Training Academy. Search using Job ID 338194.

Research and Evaluation Supervisor

The Research and Evaluation Supervisor (Researcher 6, 9742R6) is a 100% FTE University of Minnesota employee. This position is responsible for all evaluation: curriculum delivery/activities, learner knowledge/skill acquisition, and trainers, related to the Academy. This position also oversees the development, implementation and evaluation of a statewide credentialing program in collaboration with the Tribal Training and Certification Partnership (TTCP), while also publishing research findings to advance generalizable knowledge within the field of child welfare. Search using Job ID 337528.