The Minnesota Child Welfare Training Academy (MNCWTA) and the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) have collaborated to create new Mandated Reporter Training for professionals identified by law who must make a report of suspected or known child maltreatment. This free training is a self-paced learning module launched on August 22, 2022, and is hosted on the MNCWTA website.

“This training has been revised to improve knowledge, abilities, and confidence in decision making, which will encourage critical thinking skills to support decisions of reporting suspected child maltreatment,” says Lolita Johnson, MNCWTA Curriculum Supervisor. “This curriculum is more intentional in providing skills that promote decisions that work against racial disparities and disproportionality that exist in maltreatment reports.”

After a thorough review of the curriculum, it was determined that the training needed to:

  • address and improve the diversity, equity, and inclusion of its images, content, and videos
  • include new statute requirements for youth programs (260E.055)
  • provide a certificate of completion with a complete-and-pass learning check
  • improve accessibility
  • include content to reflect how a mandated reporter would utilize resources to take a supportive role with Minnesota families
  • incorporate and integrate the principles of adult learning (relevance, interactivity, experience, problem-oriented, etc.)

“This improved curriculum will enhance mandatory reporters’ understanding of their responsibilities, particularly in supporting families, and ensuring children are safe and well cared for,” said Minnesota Department of Human Services Assistant Commissioner Tikki Brown. We know child protection workers, teachers, coaches and other mandated reporters have immense responsibilities. With this training, we want to support them with the best tools available.”

DHS has a number of Mandated Reporter Resources, as well as specific information for anyone who has concerns about child abuse or neglect.

Later this fall a module for Youth Program employees will be available. If you have questions about Mandated Reporter Training, contact MNCWTA anytime.