To ensure child well-being for all children and youth that are placed in a children’s residential facility and/or a foster residence setting, stakeholders from around Minnesota changed the law to model the federal 2018 Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA). FFPSA added protections to ensure that the placement of children/youth outside of a family home while under placement authority of an Initiative Tribe or a local social service agency is only done after children/youth receive the treatment and services they need within their family, a foster care setting or in their community. They are only placed in a Qualified Residential Treatment Program (QRTP) children’s residential facilities or a foster residence setting after a qualified individual recommendation and court approval.

This page was created to help youth and children by sharing information, resources, and training about the Family First Prevention Services Act. A number of FFPSA policy webinars and SSIS coffee talks took place in August and September. Recordings of those webinars are posted below.

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Webinar Recordings

If you need to receive proof of training, please use this FFPSA Webinar Completion Form. A few minutes after hitting "Submit" you will receive and email with a copy of the form indicated the session you attended. Please save this email for your records. The Training Academy will not keep record of attendance for this webinar series.