We are excited to host your visit to the Minnesota Child Welfare Training Academy. While here, it is our hope that you will find this space to be comfortable, accessible, and a relaxed space in which you can learn. There is plenty of flexible space for you to use as needed. Below you will find information on a few key areas of interest.

Snacks & Beverages

There is a designated break room for guests, equipped with vending machines that accept cash, card, or paypass, a Keurig coffee maker (don’t forget your KCups and yummy additions!), and a refrigerator and freezer. We are committed to low-waste in our facility and encourage you to bring your own utensils from home. We have facilities for you to wash your dishes and to store them while you are in training. There is also a Learner Lounge with plenty of seating to have informal conversations or to get caught up on email.


The Academy has lockers onsite for your use at no cost. The lockers are large enough to hold an average size laptop and bag (dimensions). You will be able to set the lock code to access your items as needed, during your visit. Please remember that storage of flammable materials, dangerous chemicals, explosives or weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited.


Just outside of the Learner Lounge is a patio with tables and chairs for employees and guests to enjoy the outdoors. This space is a smoke free area. There is a designated smoking area located on the northeast side of the building that is also equipped with seating and is available for use.


When trainees and guests receive the phone call that they just cannot ignore and need a private space to talk, the Foxtail huddle room is available to you and is located outside of training rooms one and two on the first floor.


We encourage the mental, physical and spiritual well-being of all employees and guests. A multi-faith, non-denominational Wellness Room is located on the first floor of The Academy. This is a quiet space that can be used to relax, pray, and meditate. For those who require it, the room is also equipped with a foot-washing station.


For our nursing employees and guests, a Nursing Room is available. The room is equipped with temporary storage spaces for equipment, a refrigerator for milk storage, and a sink to wash hands and equipment. You will be able to reserve times to use this space upon your arrival at the Academy, as well as reserve times in advance.

Internet Access

Guest wifi is available through the University of Minnesota network. Once connected, a University web browser will automatically open to a network authentication page. This page explains the Terms of Use that you are agreeing to by using the guest wifi.


The Academy building is designed to be accessible by all peoples or all abilities. If you would like to request a specific modification or accommodation, please contact academy staff ahead of time, at info@mnchildwelfaretraining.com, so that they can ensure your needs are met during your visit.


The Academy is committed and designed to be accessible to all people. The facility offers all-gender/unisex bathrooms, featuring private stalls and shared handwashing facilities. This aspect of the building is designed to eliminate discrimination and the potential for harassment for people who may be perceived to be in the "wrong" toilet. You will find an all-gender restroom located on the first floor and individual restrooms and gender-specific restrooms located on the third floor and second floors.

Lost & Found

Any items left in public spaces will be placed in the lost and found at the end of each day. Items left in storage areas will be removed and placed in the lost and found every Friday. Lost items will be stored for one month and then donated to a local organization. To retrieve a lost item, email info@mnchildwelfaretraining.com with a description of the item and date that it was lost. MNCWTA is not responsible for any monetary loss.