The Minnesota Child Welfare Training Academy (MNCWTA) would like to welcome Lolita Johnson, our new Curriculum Supervisor.

Lolita has over 20 years of leadership, training, and design experience that relates to adult education and development. Analyzing, researching, and assessing educational needs serves as an important component in the ongoing effort to design meaningful curriculum that supports growth and engagement. Her dedication and commitment to education is grounded by her interest to help learners by interpreting outcomes that lead to success. Lolita plans to lead in meaningful curriculum development work that supports healthy outcomes for children and families.

  1. How would you describe what you do?
    Lead in meaningful curriculum development work and structure that supports healthy outcomes for children and families.
  2. What are you most passionate about professionally?
    Sharing my skills and expertise to support meaningful work that leads to healthy and successful outcomes.
  3. What do you wish you were good at?
    I wish I was good at typing and talking at the same time. Another example is wishing I was coordinated enough to play the piano and sing at the same time.
  4. What kinds of hobbies and interests do you have outside of work? Drawing, the art of hair and make-up transformations, Chunky knitting, sewing and auto-didacticism (self-education).
  5. Do you have a philosophy, motto or personal mantra that drives you? "Purpose is an incredible alarm clock."