We would like to let our learners know that the Minnesota Child Welfare Training Academy is beginning to schedule some in-person trainings starting this April. For the next few months, we will offer both in-person and online training options. As you register for any of our courses, make sure you are aware of the training modality and plan accordingly.

course registration information showing class status, format, and location options

As you review the courses in our Training Catalog, you will see either ONLINE or IN PERSON in the Format field. For online classes, you will continue to log in and find all training materials, including Zoom links, through the course information listed in the My Training section of your Training Portal.

For in-person training, you will see a Location field that will provide the location and a link to learn more about that site (directions, amenities, etc.) to better help with travel planning. Be sure you bring a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to training, as you will still need to log in for some classroom materials, to demonstrate attendance, and complete surveys.

The course status is listed to the right of the course name. OPEN indicates that there are still open seats in the course. FULL means that both the class and waitlist are completely filled (otherwise, you will see an option to JOIN WAITLIST). At this time, we are not offering any hybrid training (i.e., courses that can accommodate both online and in-person learners). If that option does become available in the future, it will be indicated in the Format field.

Currently, we have a Twin Cities Metro Learning Center in Roseville, and a Northwest Regional Learning Center in Detroit Lakes. Work is underway to open Learning Centers in the Southwest region (in Marshall) and in the Northeast region (in Duluth). Training in those regions will be held in temporary locations while construction is completed, and will be indicated on our website as soon as the information becomes available. We hope to announce more information about the Southeast region in the next few months.

Upcoming New Worker Training

For supervisors and tribal leaders who will be hiring new workers, general dates for Foundations New Worker Training cohorts that will be available this year are listed below. Cohort 94 is currently available, and the others will show in the Training Catalog in the upcoming months.

  • Cohort 94: Northeast Learning Center in Duluth
    (May 10 - July 28)
  • Cohort 95: Twin Cities Metro Learning Center in Roseville
    (June 21 - September 15)
  • Cohort 96: Southwest Learning Center in Marshall
    (July 19 - September 29)
  • Cohort 97: Northeast Learning Center in Duluth
    (August 9 - October 13)
  • Cohort 98: Northwest Learning Center in Detroit Lakes
    (September 6 - November 17)
  • Cohort 99: Twin Cities Metro Learning Center in Roseville
    (September 27 - December 1)
  • Cohort 100: Hosted by Olmsted County in Rochester
    (October 4 - December 15)
  • Cohort 101: Twin Cities Metro Learning Center in Roseville
    (October 11 - December 15)

This schedule is subject to change. Be sure to check the Training Catalog regularly for the most up-to-date schedule. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@mnchildwelfaretraining.com.