Stacey Steinbach photo

We would like to welcome Stacey Steinbach, the new Regional Training Supervisor for the Minnesota Child Welfare Training Academy.

Stacey has over fifteen years of experience in Minnesota’s child welfare system working on the land that belongs to the Dakota Oyate Nation of Upper Sioux Community. The Dakota call the area Pezijhutazizi, which means "Where they dig the Yellow Medicine". Stacey has had the honor to work with the Upper Sioux Community Social Services Department in efforts to recognize, understand, and address the disparities and alarming inequities impacting the area in child welfare.

Stacey brings to the Academy experience as a Child Protection and Children’s Mental Health Case Manager. Since 2015, she has supervised the program areas of Child Welfare, Child Protection, Children’s Mental Health, and Adoption. Stacey is also a licensed Signs of Safety Trainer and Consultant supporting implementations throughout the United States and Canada.

Stacey is excited to serve as the Regional Training Supervisor for the Minnesota Child Welfare Training Academy. She is especially passionate about supporting greater Minnesota’s unique training needs and to cultivate learning and leadership. This passion is grounded most importantly in how the practice is experienced by the families served.

  1. What will you be doing in your new role? I am excited to support the Regional Training Centers and trainers in the Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast areas of Minnesota as the Regional Training Supervisor for the Child Welfare Training Academy. I will be working with Tribal and County agencies to identify and support training requirements and unique regional training needs.
  2. What do you enjoy most about your work? What brings me the most enjoyment in this work is collaborating with Tribal and County Child Welfare agencies to analyze challenges and improve the system, specifically in relation to disparities and inequities. It's also a joy to hear directly from child welfare staff who are experiencing learning that helps them be the practitioner they want to be and brings joy to their day-to-day work. As we learn together, we'll continue to move toward a child welfare system we want strive for - where families describe their experience in child welfare as fair, just, and equitable and a system that leads toward positive outcomes for children and caretakers.
  3. What else should we know about you? I live in Montevideo with my husband and three children, Ellianna, Samaira and Athaiah, and our dog, Brucey. We love going camping and enjoying nature with family and friends. When I’m not enjoying nature, I can be found inside watching college basketball and playing boardgames with my children.