Cliff Dahlberg headshot

The Minnesota Child Welfare Training Academy (MNCWTA) would like to welcome Cliff Dahlberg, our new Graduate Research Assistant.

Cliff is an award-winning videographer living in Minnesota with his wife, their kiddo, and poodle. He has a decade of experience creating educational content for non-profit organizations and universities. Cliff is passionate about sharing his knowledge of how to create engaging videos and podcasts and looks forward to bringing that passion to the Minnesota Child Welfare Training Academy. He's also starting his first year as a graduate student in the Master of Social Work (MSW) program at the University of Minnesota.

  1. What is your new job title, and what will you be doing? I'll be a graduate assistant helping to create videos (and maybe podcasts) to enhance the curriculum offered at the MNCWTA.
  2. Tell us about your education and/or work experience prior to joining the MNCWTA. I was a classics major who jumped into the film world in 2010 and learned through a string of apprenticeships (with very patient mentors). Since then I've worked on feature-length documentaries, series for national broadcast, and a lot of educational content for the U of M.
  3. What do you like to do outside of work? My favorite pastime is being with family and watching our toddler's personality emerge. In the few moments I have to myself nowadays, I enjoy reading and practicing meditation.
  4. What else should we know about you? I don't know what else you should know about me, but if there's anything else you want to know - feel free to ask!