Evaluation Methods Table image that is not readable

In a previous post, the Academy shared its evaluation framework, which describes the levels at which we will be collecting information to improve our curriculum and training delivery. In this post, we share our companion table to the framework, which describes the types of data collection methods we are (or plan to be) using to answer our evaluation questions. A large format, printable version of this table is located here. An accessible (Microsoft Word) version of this table is located here.

For example, the end-of-course survey data evaluates Level 2 (learners’ reactions to training components) and Level 3 (knowledge comparison prior to, and after, a course). The survey is administered on the last day of each course. Information collected includes learners’ feedback on training effectiveness, curriculum relevance, self-reported knowledge and skill acquisition, intention to use the new knowledge and skills, as well as overall course feedback. This information helps the Academy to better understand the extent to which learners are engaged, learners’ reactions to the training, the extent to which learners report new knowledge acquisition and confidence, and learners’ suggestions for course improvements.

If you have questions about our framework or evaluation data collection methods, please feel free to contact Jane Fields, Evaluation and Certification Supervisor, at jfields@umn.edu.