In recognition of Social Work Month, we interviewed three of our staff members who are also social workers, and asked about how to bring Social Work Month advocacy into the whole year. One common theme in their responses was the need to acknowledge and foster awareness of the role of a child welfare worker.

What can agencies do?

Collaborate with colleagues to discuss important policy changes and news around the important work of Child Welfare.

Provide continuous improvement opportunities and feedback for training of mandated reporters and child welfare workers.

Through inclusivity and creating a sense of belonging, spread awareness throughout the whole year. Agencies can celebrate the amazing and diverse field of child welfare workers. For example, during Native American Heritage Month, highlight and acknowledge Native and Indigenous social workers. It can make a huge difference when we notice and highlight the positive work social workers have done in every community.

What can individuals do?

Workers can be proud of all the work, energy, time, dedication, and passion that they bring to the field. Social workers are passionate about helping families and children, all the while knowing that it can be a thankless job. You can highlight a coworker in a staff meeting, share an accolade on social media, or just remind them that they are making a difference in the world. Acknowledgement can go a long way.

Resources for Advocacy

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