Long before we could have imagined how the COVID-19 pandemic would change our day-to-day experiences, the city of Roseville was organizing a free public art event known as Roseville in Bloom. Featuring twenty unique rose statues to be displayed at various locations throughout Roseville, this project sought to bring together local and regional artists to create a unique public art experience.

Around the same time, the Minnesota Child Welfare Training Academy (MNCWTA) was working to remodel and open a new training facility to serve child welfare professionals throughout Minnesota. As a future member of the Roseville community, the Training Academy had the good fortune to be selected as a location for one of the Roseville in Bloom installations. 

Although both projects have experienced delays, progress has continued to be made. This past May the blank sculptures were delivered to the 10,000 square foot Merchandise Building at the Minnesota Fair Grounds, which allowed safe social distancing for the artists as well as visitors. Artists were able to start their creations at the first of June and had about ten days to finish. The new Training Academy site is slated for completion later this summer, and soon the Roseville in Bloom roses will be available for all to see.

Artist Daniela Bianchini submitted a mosaic concept for consideration called the Blossoming Tesserae, and was selected to design the rose that will be displayed outside the Training Academy (a tesserae is the plural form of tessera, which is a small block of stone, tile, glass, or other material used in the construction of a mosaic). We are especially excited to be associated with Bianchini, who previously led work on a Mural Apprenticeship program at CLUES, a local community organization that does tremendous work with kids and families, some of whom are receiving child welfare services. Daniela talks about this project and her process in this short video. Learn more about Daniela Bianchini on her website. Photos of Blossoming Tesserae (start to finish) can be found on our Instagram and Facebook pages.

During mid-June the roses will be moved to TivoliToo where a finishing sealer will be applied before the rose statues are moved to their outdoors display locations throughout Roseville at the end of June. TivoliToo is the Twin Cities company that built the Peanuts character statues for the Peanuts on Parade promotion and they work with companies all over the world to build large character statues. 

A free rose map is available online to make it easy to find your way to each rose location. Each rose is nearly seven-feet tall and weighs 658 pounds (rose, rose pot and base)! The project will include a free Digital Scavenger Hunt in which people visiting the roses can scan a code on each rose to receive special offers and discounts from Roseville shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. The Roseville in Bloom website with digital maps will go live by July 1 ( All roses are outdoors, making this a safe outing that people of all ages can enjoy while maintaining proper social distancing. 

The Minnesota Child Welfare Training Academy is excited to be making our home in Roseville, and enjoying the Blossoming Tesserae on our grounds. As we navigate this time of social distancing and public unrest, the Academy is looking forward to finding ways to support and connect with the community, and helping child care professionals succeed in serving the children and families of Minnesota.